Monday, November 9, 2009

Reading and Writing and Mondays

Today I got my nails done. Why blog about nails? I'm not. I'm blogging about what it takes to keep focused. A lot of distractions. Seriously. The more you plug into a day - as long as it doesn't become too random - the better. Here's how it works. Establish a ritual. Stick to it, and whoa -- you're writing 2000 words a day.

Or not.

I'm recommending a book - J. D. Robb's first book in the 'Death" series. Believe me. I know how far behind I am (published in 1995), but I'm enjoying the shit out of Ms. Eve Dallas. I also am still figuring out the difference between series (length?) and single title (longer?). I think there's more to it, and I'll have to nail it down before my next trip to RWA Nationals. Why? Because by then I'll finally be in the PAN group (is that the one that has been rejected?)

Still waiting to hear from the agent and the the end of this month, it will be three months since I submitted...



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