Sunday, November 27, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Week 17

Hello, it's Six Sentence Sunday, and I'm ready to go! Hope you all  had a great Thanksgiving. As mentioned, I'm using another WIP this week. It's a contemporary romance about a super-woman business executive who inherits a small town and a small town deputy sheriff:). Early in the story, she's stuck in her car, and taking stock...
Shayna moistened her lips as she gave her image a quick once-over in the rearview mirror. A little disheveled, sweat dotted her upper lip and forehead. Her hair, shoulder-length and wavy, had spiraled into a jigsaw of damp curls. She ran her fingers through it, trying to sort out the mess, but gave up with a sigh. She was a sea of brown, sweat-soaked brown hair and brown skin with smudges of black mascara added for drama.  
She glanced down at her scoop-necked T-shirt, still stretched smoothly over her Double-D breasts, and tucked it quickly into the waistband of her jeans.  
Thank you God, she thought, at least something about her was in place.
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