Sunday, January 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday & Denny's Eye Candy - Week 23

Photos snagged by Denny S. Bryce from the Internet of TNT's Leverage, various episodes. Sunday night, January 15, season finale!

It's Six Sentence Sunday. My six is from my WIP, The Vampire Lust Club, an urban fantasy. In this excerpt, the hero is working a multiple homicide crime scene in the labyrinth of tunnels beneath Washington, DC (circa 2045).

Detective Michael Pepperdine stood at the top of the second set of broken escalators and pushed his sunglasses up on his nose. The heat from the LED lighting system could dust a Stage Three vampire in twenty seconds. The same lights shattered a human being's optic nerves in less than fifteen. A pair of specially treated sunglasses and a hell of a lot of sunblock were always in his equipment bag and considered more important than a fingerprint kit, camera, or iPad 25. Shit, the only other tool he needed this far beneath the ground was a wooden stake. Old school, yeah, but he'd take the classics any day over this new age bullshit, especially when it came to hunting vampires.

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