Thursday, January 5, 2012


Happy New Year and Happy Thursday!!!

Well, you know, while I was away (I've been on an extended vacation and writer's retreat) I made some decisions about my writing I'll share as the weeks go by. But today, the big one is I am close to finishing up my new website with the assistance of my design team Limb Design and in particular Corey Chow (lead designer).

As part of the marketing tips thing I like to do now and then, I wanted to share with you examples of the graphics and the process Corey and I have gone through to create the 'look' for the website.

Here goes:

Guess which one I like? You'll see when I launch the site:)...

Now, the photos will change and are really more 'place holders' - but I think you get the idea that as an author I write urban fantasy, but also have other stories I want to tell.

Here are some other tips. We are using a $35 template from Mojo Themes for Wordpress. Go here to see the template I'm using. It's cost effective and cuts down (way down) on the price for working with a design team. My palate is orange (power color, I'm told:)...but I also LOVE cities and that's the skyline. I must admit I'm not sure about the font (lettering) for my name - but what do you think?

And oh, in case you are wondering - no, I am not published. I am pre-published and an optimist. I also know that branding and marketing are critical components that agents and editors expect authors to bring to the table. And don't even mention self-publishing. This is part of what you MUST do there.

So I ask again, what do you think? And thanks in advance for your feedback.



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