Sunday, January 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday and Denny's Eye Candy: Week 25

Photo snagged from the Internet by Denny S. Bryce. I find this not so much eye candy, but animalistic in its feral depiction of a body poised for action.

Here's my contribution to Six Sentence Sunday from my YA paranormal working title yet (there is, but I don't want to say just yet:)...It's a story about a sixteen year-old girl who grows up in a small town and then moves to a city on the ocean with her two aunts after her mother and brother are killed. This is the heroine's POV. Her name is Asia.

Do you understand time? How it quivers in and out and disappears and reappears? Consider how one time long ago, my mother wasn’t dead. How my brother used to laugh. How I never liked chocolate or the ocean. Time changes everything sooner or later and I just need to get a grip on how to deal with it.
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday & Denny's Eye Candy - Week 24

Photos of Sendhil Ramamurthy snagged from the Internet by Denny S. Bryce.

It's Six Sentence Sunday. My six continues with an excerpt from my WIP, The Vampire Lust Club, an urban fantasy. Here the heroine and her partner have some questions for another vampire.  
Leo looked about as uncomfortable as a vampire could look, his back pressed against the unyielding dining room chair, arms locked at the wrist with silver chains. Whitney was in the far corner of the room in her wheelchair, twirling a strand of dark hair so sharply Casey thought she was going to yank it out of her head at the root. Her brown eyes smoldered with hate as she stared at Leo. If she could stand up, she would have put a foot down his throat.
“I have no idea why you’ve done this, but it won’t work,” she said flatly.
“Don’t worry, I have a plan," Casey said, smiling at Leo.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday & Denny's Eye Candy - Week 23

Photos snagged by Denny S. Bryce from the Internet of TNT's Leverage, various episodes. Sunday night, January 15, season finale!

It's Six Sentence Sunday. My six is from my WIP, The Vampire Lust Club, an urban fantasy. In this excerpt, the hero is working a multiple homicide crime scene in the labyrinth of tunnels beneath Washington, DC (circa 2045).

Detective Michael Pepperdine stood at the top of the second set of broken escalators and pushed his sunglasses up on his nose. The heat from the LED lighting system could dust a Stage Three vampire in twenty seconds. The same lights shattered a human being's optic nerves in less than fifteen. A pair of specially treated sunglasses and a hell of a lot of sunblock were always in his equipment bag and considered more important than a fingerprint kit, camera, or iPad 25. Shit, the only other tool he needed this far beneath the ground was a wooden stake. Old school, yeah, but he'd take the classics any day over this new age bullshit, especially when it came to hunting vampires.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday & Denny's Eye Candy - Week 22

OTP OTP OTP - From Leverage - Parker and Hardison - photo snagged from Tumblr.

It's Six Sentence Sunday. My six is from my WIP, The Vampire Lust Club. Here are a few lines from a scene where the heroine is in conflict with the vampire hierarchy.

If the old vampire didn’t shut her mouth Casey was going to rip a chunk of flesh out of her ass. Screw the Council’s laws on killing rogue vampires. Was she supposed to just wait for the rabid beasts to wipe out every soul in Washington, D.C? 
“I know what you want me to do.” Casey scooted to the edge of the sofa and looked Dr. Vapula dead in the eye. “I won't do it.” 
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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Happy New Year and Happy Thursday!!!

Well, you know, while I was away (I've been on an extended vacation and writer's retreat) I made some decisions about my writing I'll share as the weeks go by. But today, the big one is I am close to finishing up my new website with the assistance of my design team Limb Design and in particular Corey Chow (lead designer).

As part of the marketing tips thing I like to do now and then, I wanted to share with you examples of the graphics and the process Corey and I have gone through to create the 'look' for the website.

Here goes:

Guess which one I like? You'll see when I launch the site:)...

Now, the photos will change and are really more 'place holders' - but I think you get the idea that as an author I write urban fantasy, but also have other stories I want to tell.

Here are some other tips. We are using a $35 template from Mojo Themes for Wordpress. Go here to see the template I'm using. It's cost effective and cuts down (way down) on the price for working with a design team. My palate is orange (power color, I'm told:)...but I also LOVE cities and that's the skyline. I must admit I'm not sure about the font (lettering) for my name - but what do you think?

And oh, in case you are wondering - no, I am not published. I am pre-published and an optimist. I also know that branding and marketing are critical components that agents and editors expect authors to bring to the table. And don't even mention self-publishing. This is part of what you MUST do there.

So I ask again, what do you think? And thanks in advance for your feedback.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday and Denny's Eye Candy: Week 21

BBC's Being Human cast in a sexy photo op snagged from a friend at Tumblr.

Happy New Year!

Kicking off the first Six Sentence Sunday of 2012 with a blurb from my WIP, The Vampire Lust Club...:)...The heroine is visiting the owner of the club and she's intrigued by his new look...
“And what’s up with that dirt beneath your lip?” Casey asked.
“All the cool men rock this look, baby girl.”
“And you joined the cool men club, when?” Not entirely unattractive, Henry still wasn't the hottest man in the District by a chubby mile but he was the only human Casey didn’t mind teasing. “You know, back in the day, me and my girls used to call that tuft of hair beneath a man’s lower lip a flavor saver.”
The tip of his tongue flicked at the small patch of hair, and then he said slowly, “I get that.”



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