Sunday, August 21, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday & Denny's Eye Candy

Italian actor Gabriel Garko snagged by Denny S. Bryce 

Wow! This week stormed by didn't it? Can't believe it's already time for Six Sentence Sunday.

I'm operating on enough sleep so I should have no excuse for not getting in some solid writing today. But participating in Six Sentence Sunday is a way to pump up your energy. I tell you it's not that easy to find six sentences that work for these little mini stories. But it's a great editing tool. Yes, it is. You really focus when you count those sentences and see if they work together, etc.  Anyway, rambling...enjoy the six and see you soon.

Oh, this 'six' is from an urban fantasy about a vampire FBI agent, a witch's coven and an ill-fated promise. This is not the hero's POV though:)...
He found her almost immediately and his breath caught in his chest. She was barely a woman, a girl really, with wavy brown hair and bright round eyes. Innocent and seductive all at once, she was not a deliberate temptress. It was her gift to tantalize.
She wove through the dancers, tall and coltish, her dark nipples peeking through a white cotton blouse unbuttoned delicately low. As she fanned her brightly colored skirt, her long brown hair swept across her face, and his eyes widened with fear.
When the book is published (always an optimist) you'll find this POV character nothing like the hotness in the photo. 



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