Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday & Eye Candy (Keep em coming!)

Joe Manganiello from True Blood, snagged from the Internet by Denny S. Bryce

Sunday rolls around so fast these days, I've barely got it together for my Six Sentence Sunday! But this is from the urban fantasy about the vampire who makes a promise to a witch he finds tough to keep. Here our hero is haunted by memories:
Standing, his legs unsteady, he gripped the bedpost and peered up at the painting of Rachel on the wall opposite his bed. He remembered the artist Matisse and the drink they'd shared in a small cafĂ© near the Tower in Paris in 1890. The man was ill and hadn’t committed to painting yet, but he and Gideon discussed color, brushes and the effect of light on Rachel’s hair. He found her beautiful, too. Especially her brown, shiny hair that turned blood red when candlelight flickered nearby. That’s when Matisse told him, “Women with that color hair fuel life’s miseries more potently than most." Gideon never understood what he’d meant until now.
Well, that's it until next Sunday. Hope you enjoy! 



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