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Francis Ray - New York Times Bestselling Author - (A Repeat Appearance)

Last Friday, I interviewed Francis Ray - yep, I sure did:)! She joined me over at the Waterworld Mermaids:) So today, I've decided to repost in case you missed it.

I will be giving away a copy of her book to those who comment today - so comment and Francis may well stop by to answer your questions.

Q.  What's your full author name, website, your latest new release, the WIP that is keeping you up at night, your publisher, editor, agent, how long have you been writing…your successes? Yes, I want the mini bio right here, right now!

Francis said: I am a native Texan and live in Dallas. A graduate of Texas Woman's University, I was nominated for Texas Woman's University Distinguished Alumni Award. I also gave the winter commencement address in Winter 2010.  I am extremely pleased that my titles consistently make bestseller's lists such as Blackboard and Essence Magazine. INCOGNITO, my sixth title was the first made-for-TV movie for BET (Black Entertainment Television). I have written forty-five titles to date, and my awards include Romantic Times Career Achievement, EMMA, The Golden Pen, The Atlantic Choice, Borders 2008 Romance Award for Bestselling Multicultural Romance and Written Magazine 2010 Book of the Year. 

My latest release is A SEDUCTIVE KISS with a January 31, 2012 release date!! I'm currently working on AFTER THE DAWN, the third book in a new mainstream series. My publisher is St. Martin's Press, and my editor is Monique Patterson, Senior Editor. Since March 2010 my agent has been Holly Root with the Waxman Literary Agency. I've been writing since the early 90's.

THE TURNING POINT, my first mainstream, was a finalist for the prestigious HOLT Medallion Award. At the release event for THE TURNING POINT in May 2001, I established The Turning Point Legal Fund to assist women of domestic violence to help restructure their lives.

Three 'KISS" books will continue the Grayson Friends series - A SEDUCTIVE KISS - January 31st, WITH JUST A KISS - February 28th, and A DANGEROUS KISS - June 26, 2012. WHEN TOMORROW COMES, a mainstream title, will be in stores June 5, followed by another mainstream as yet untitled in January 2013.

Q.  What's the best kept secret about your writing process?

Francis said: I don't have a secret.  Wish I did.  It might make this process easier.

Q.  What character have you written or are writing that keeps you up at night - just one, please:)?

Francis said: Lilly Crawford in TROUBLE DON'T LAST ALWAYS was probably one of the most difficult characters to write because of her transformation from being a victim of domestic abuse to a strong survivor.

Q.  What real person, television or fictional character has had the greatest influence on your writing style and why?

Francis said: Dwight Swain's Techniques of the Selling Writer probably influenced me the most in my writing because the book and meeting Mr. Swain gave me a greater understanding of characterization.  Characters, to me, are the backbone of a good book.

Q.  What book title is the current "hot read" on your bookshelf?

Francis said: I'm waiting for Bette Ford's CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU due out late January.

Q.  What's your favorite drink on a cool Sunday afternoon in February - and who (fictional or not, friend or family, celebrity or historic figure) would be sitting at your side enjoying that drink with you?

Francis said: Favorite drink is Pepsi. My daughter would probably be with me.

Q.  What has been the biggest change in contemporary African American romance/multicultural romance in the last five years, last decade?

Francis said:  Borders was really African-American author friendly. Each year at RWA they gave an award for the best selling Multicultural Romance of that year.  No other retail outlet did this.  Borders also sent out coupons that made it worth readers while to shop there for their books. Unfortunately, I'm not sure other chain bookstores know our products as well or will have frequent discounts. Many of my readers tell me they're buying less books because of Borders closing. Yes, many have ereaders, but many of us still prefer books.

Q.  What would you write, or are planning to write, other than contemporary romance or erotic romance (which you've also written:)?

Francis said: If I had the time I'd write another historical, and have a Christian fiction series.

Q.  As a highly successful romance author who has published more than 45 titles, what advice would you give writers breaking into today's publishing industry?

Francis said: Learn the genre, read widely, don't compare yourself to anyone, and join a writing organization.

Q.  How can readers contact you?

Francis said: Readers can visit my web site at or email me:

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