Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Freaking DONE!

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I did it. I'm done with NaNoWriMo 2011! Two days early! I wish I could be more excited, but I'm pooped. Seriously, my back and my fingers are freaking out with the pain and the cramping. I'm going to have a drink and a good night's sleep. Tomorrow, I begin revisions, but tonight, I'm chilling.

(An hour ago, I decided to see if my count was off - to see how much more I had to write - I figured I needed another 2,000 words, but I discovered I already had 53,326)!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Week 17

Hello, it's Six Sentence Sunday, and I'm ready to go! Hope you all  had a great Thanksgiving. As mentioned, I'm using another WIP this week. It's a contemporary romance about a super-woman business executive who inherits a small town and a small town deputy sheriff:). Early in the story, she's stuck in her car, and taking stock...
Shayna moistened her lips as she gave her image a quick once-over in the rearview mirror. A little disheveled, sweat dotted her upper lip and forehead. Her hair, shoulder-length and wavy, had spiraled into a jigsaw of damp curls. She ran her fingers through it, trying to sort out the mess, but gave up with a sigh. She was a sea of brown, sweat-soaked brown hair and brown skin with smudges of black mascara added for drama.  
She glanced down at her scoop-necked T-shirt, still stretched smoothly over her Double-D breasts, and tucked it quickly into the waistband of her jeans.  
Thank you God, she thought, at least something about her was in place.
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday & Denny's Eye Candy - Week 16

Actor Alex O'Loughlin played a vampire on "Moonlight" a few years back, and was one of the inspirations for Gideon. Photo snagged from Internet by Denny S. Bryce

Six Sentence Sunday sure comes around fast. But I'm sticking with my current WIP for one last week...then we must move on:)...It's about a vampire FBI agent struggling to keep his promise to a witch.
Gideon gulped down his drink and walked over to the wall of windows. Stretching from corner to corner, floor to ceiling, they faced east, overlooking Lake Michigan. He loved watching the water strike the shoreline in the moonlight. The black waves surged with gray and white sprays that shot high into the air before vanishing into the night. He could see well in the dark, his eyesight keen in the shadows, too. And since the water at night was mostly shadows and white foam, he could watch the lake until dawn.
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday & Denny's Eye Candy - Week 15

Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge play Parker and Hardison on "Leverage". Yep, went for a silly photo of my OTP because they are 'eye candy' to me:)

Good Sunday morning, and welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. I'm running late, so here goes. Same WIP, a vampire FBI agent struggling to keep a promise to a witch, but this is the heroine, Macy's POV in a scene with her best friend.
Macy opened her mouth to curse Darla out but she was so angry her chest hurt and she didn't think she could breathe. Rising to her feet, she walked to the window. The snow fell thickly from the sky, but she could see lights flickering and a few cars and people struggling through the streets and sidewalks below. She watched them for a long moment before she turned to Darla and said, “I want a meeting with Gideon Russell Smyth and I want you to set it up so he understands he has to answer my questions about the serial murder case." Her voice trembled, but she didn't care. "You owe me big time for this screw up and I want my payoff now."
I'll be back later with eye candy! In the meantime, go visit and comment on more Six Sentence Sunday entries. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday and Denny's Eye Candy: Week 14

I was in a hurry and grabbed the first file on the desktop:) Ian S. from Vampire Diaries snagged from the Internet by Denny S. Bryce.

This week's Six Sentence Sunday has me still using excerpts from my WIP Gideon - the vampire FBI agent struggling to keep a promise to a witch. This week we get to meet another character - the romance character, if you will, and a glimpse of an early encounter she has with a few folks at a bar.
The little girl sounded like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz.  If she uttered one more insane word, Macy was going to lose it. “Who the hell are you people?” Macy flipped her hand in dismissal and turned to Darla. "I thought you brought me here to meet a snitch who has information about the serial murder case. These people think they are witches and wizards, fighting what? Demons?"
Okay, that's it for this week. Go visit Six Sentence Sunday and get in some reading today - you've got an extra hour!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today's Thursday Treat: Author Avery Flynn

Avery Flynn, author, The Dry Creek Series, Evernight Publishing

I get the best authors to stop by and blog on my Thursday Treat, and the goodness just keeps coming with Avery Flynn on deck. She's a fellow Waterworld Mermaid, and a wonderful supporter of writers and writing. She also is published with Evernight Publishing, so grab a cup of coffee, a soda, tea (and if you're reading late - white wine is good, too:), and spend some time with Ms. Avery Flynn:)!

Let's get to the facts right up front. What's your full author name, website, your latest release, the WIP that is keeping you up at night, your agent, your publisher, how long have you been writing…your successes? Yes, I want the mini bio right here, right now!

Avery said: Flynn, Avery Flynn top secret agent of procrastination and spunky heroines working on behalf of romance junkies everywhere. :) Really, wouldn't that be cool if we formed a group of covert romance agents? Oh, I'm totally getting the idea for a new career path. But until that comes to fruition I'll enjoy being my own silly self. You can track me down all over the place. I'm on the fabulous Waterworld Mermaids blog, my own blog, Facebook  and Twitter. My latest release will be coming out in January. It's called A Dry Creek Bed and it's book two in the Dry Creek series from Evernight Publishing. It's the action packed, steamy tale of Beth Martinez and Hank Layton. It was so much fun to write and I can't wait to have it out in the world. I've been writing since before I could spell (some would say that's still true) and plan to keep doing so until my fingers stop working. 

Q. What's the best kept secret about your writing process? 

Avery said: That even as fun as it is, it's work. Don't get me wrong. I love writing. However, I believe in making this my career and any career I have has to put groceries in the cupboard so I take the business side seriously. How does this factor into writing process? It means I have a set schedule that I try to keep. It means I organize myself to the nth degree (seriously I plot like I'm going into battle). It means that I'm always pushing myself to write better and learn more about the craft.

Q. What character have you written or are writing that keeps you up at night - just one, please:)?

Avery said: Right now it's the character I haven't written. One of the heroines for my next series is sneaking into my dreams and my downtime. Viv is going to be a ton of fun, but she is not too happy about having to wait in line for her turn. 

Q. What television or pop culture fictional character has had the greatest influence on your writing style and why?

Avery said: Oh man. I don't know that I can pick just one. I gravitate toward the kick ass heroine who always finds a way to make things happen. This could be a Charlie's Angel, Buffy, Stephanie Plum, Anita Blake … you get the idea. I like this type of heroine because I think they inspire and empower us as readers. It's a thrill to get to live vicariously through them and at the same time connect with them. Take Anita Blake, for example. She is a tough, tough woman. I get an adrenaline rush reading about her adventures, but at the same time I really connect with her because she has to balance her work with the needs of her family.

Q. What book/author is the current "hot read" on your bookshelf?

Avery said: There are three authors I always pick up: Janet Evanovich, Lori Foster and Laurell K. Hamilton.

Q. What's your favorite drink on a hot August evening - and who (fictional or not, friend or family, celebrity or historic figure) would be sitting at your side enjoying that drink with you?

Avery said: I'm a beer girl and my current favorite if the Guinness Black Lager. Yum. Who to have it with? I have to go with my husband. Even after almost 12 years and three kids, he's still my favorite person to hang out with.

Q. Who's your favorite romance author and what would you ask them if you had the chance (or when you had the chance)?

Avery said: My favorite is Lori Foster. When I look at authors I'd love to have mentor me, she is at the top of the list. I actually did get to talk with her (via e-mail) recently. That Q and A will go live tomorrow (Nov. 4) at the Waterworld Mermaids blog with a few extras on my blog. So stop by and see how personable she seems even via e-mail.

Q. Last question…what question have you been dying to answer but no one has ever asked?

Avery said: What is it like to be a New York Times bestselling author with 40 books under your belt and your own private island?

Great questions Denny! Thanks so much for having me - and don't hesitate to drop by Evernight Publishing to check out my books by clicking here now!

Thanks so much Avery for agreeing to hang out and share your success, as well as the latest news on your series. Now readers, please take a moment to ask Avery some questions. She'll be with us all day long, so let's get to chatting!



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