Friday, September 30, 2011

Waterworld Mermaids Celebrate October with FREE READS!

Denny S. Bryce's Waterworld Mermaid Icon - Isn't it sexy:)

Okay, I'm declaring today promotion Friday... well, not exactly, but I just had to share some news about an upcoming online extravaganza  I did not want you to miss.

The Waterworld Mermaids (one day this name will ring from the rafters of romance fiction's how-could-you-not-know-about-these-women archives:), is a group of authors from WRWDC who have united to blog, write and generally celebrate the joys of writing, blogging, or whatever whenever and wherever they damn well please (okay, I'm going a tad overboard, - well, we're launching a FREE READ beginning next week, and here's the video promo to PROVE it!

The entire month of October beginning on Monday, October 3 - is all about Gardens and Mermaids knowing exactly what to do when romance blossoms with the beauty, intrigue, love or lust that can be found in a garden (oh yeah). So get ready for romance and FREE READS! A gift to you from us. 



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