Monday, July 20, 2009

Discovery...Writing Big Ideas

After four days of a different level of being absorbed into my craft (attending the Romance Writers of America -RWA- national conference in DC), I am a bit exhausted, fearful, and just plain excited. So much to think about, but sorting through it all is an amazing process of self-awareness.

With that said, what am I talking about? No matter what you write about -- be it the wildest sexual adventures, or the most serene glimpses into ordinary life that explode into drama - the basic ingredients of good writing is how well the writer infuses themselves (their beliefs, their morals, their ideas of what is and what isn't) into their craft.

I may be a girl who is attracted to high concept pieces or whatever you'd like to call them - but fundamentally the story I'm telling is about girl meets boy, girl fights her way through the forest, despite the trees and the thickets, and ends up as happy as her soul will allow. In other words, the forces of nature play a role in the outcome of my urban fantasy/erotic romance tale. Happiness is layered, and defined by circumstance and conflict. (Or from which way the wind blows).

I'm busy revising a few scenes in my book (okay a lot of scenes in the book). However, it's gratifying to have a manuscript to dissect and perfect - but I tell you, it's never easy.

Here's a shout out to all of the fabulous writers and personalities I had a chance to hang out with a RWA. It was good times.

Check out photo of Lafayette from True Blood. Also check out article called "Rough Sex with Vampires: What Does True Blood Tell Us About Women & Sexuality?" I got the heads up on it from a friend.

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