Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Do You Think About Writing Contests?

I'm about to dive face first into the writing contest maze. I have enough material - I've got two 50,000 plus manuscripts just waiting to get out there, and I"m officially still on the 'unpublished' writer list, and I also guess I'm not so much ready to go e-books only. Nothing against them - I just have a thing for a couple of publishers - namely St. Martin's and Kensington and a wee bit of AVON and Harlequin Kimani - anyway, I'm just exploring the possibilities.

I haven't heard from the publisher I submitted to the last day of July. This week I will write and just see what's taking them so long to let me know whatever it is they want me to know (my guess is no thanks, but I'd like to get some feedback).

As for contests, just so you know in case you're interested in submitting ... in the RWA DC chapter we have the Marlene Contest and you can also check out Poets and Writers. These contests are a way (at least in my mind) of getting another beat on your writing without spending a fortune. I'm still working with my writing coach (although I'm almost afraid to check in with her because I don't feel I have enough new material to share) - but I've got to get over that hesitation/fear. I paid and I've got to be less fearful about this entire writing process (so unlike how I am in the business world! It's somewhat annoying frankly).

Anyway, it's Saturday night. I'm watching Fringe (got he DVD and am checking it out - first season). I'm also about to settle in and read some more of The Lost Symbol - the new book by Dan Brown (loving it so far). Set in DC, what's not to love.

Photos are taken by me. The first on a beach in Southern California a few years back, and this one in Paris, two years ago.

I'll be taking more photos of my town soon. Just because there's a lot to see and know in the D of C:)

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