Friday, November 13, 2009

My New Writing Hangout: The Library of Congress

A little messy, but here's a peek at the home office.

I have six different topics in my head I wanted to blog about, but now that I'm finally at the computer and ready to blog, I'm struggling to remember what had my brain in a such a tizzy.

Oh yeah.

The other day, I had to find a new place to write. Of course, I'm comfortable curled up on the living room sofa with the laptop, or grabbing a cup of black coffee and sitting in the home office in front of the desktop. But since those are two spots where I also do my other job (yes, da job) I tend to need a break from those writing locations. So, I have a few places I like to escape to...

There's a cool little restaurant called 'Busboys and Poets" on K Street, and then there's a very spacious Starbucks in Georgetown that's cozy and another place called "Tryst", a fancy coffeehouse and bar in Adam's Morgan. But the other day, I discovered the Library of Congress (and don't laugh out loud or screech, duh!).

I live about six blocks from the Library of Congress and have been there a number of times for tours, meetings, events, but not to sit, read, or write.  So the other day, I decided, I'm going to go work on NaNoWriMo at a nice, quiet library. And hell's bells there's a seriously (I'm watching way too much Grey's Anatomy, I think:) nice library right up the street.

And you may know this, but you can't go into the Library of Congress to hang out and work unless you have a researcher's ID. It's easy enough to get with the proper government issued ID, but still, it's more time consuming to get then, let's say, a library card. So I did some searching in the LOC online catalog, and set out for a couple hours of writing, reading and research - and yes, you can research vampire stories. I ended up amazed by the space and the books and all the information, and didn't get any writing done. That was two days ago.

Today, I'm giving it another shot. I've got NaNoWriMo to catch up on, and I've also got to get new chapters to my critique group today - so it's writing Friday, and I'm psyched!

In other news, I missed Shemar Moore Wednesday because I had a 10-hour meeting, followed by a dinner meeting, and not even Shemar could get me to look at my computer Wednesday night.

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