Sunday, January 10, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Sunlight Bouncing Off of Baltimore Skyscraper

My day in front of the computer on Saturday, which was when I meant to post this blog, was all about plotting and what that means when you're 87 percent done with a manuscript (and on the third round of revisions) and you're hating it (and yes, I mean the book), and I'm also hating the plot. It's too complicated (Notice I'm not mad at my characters. I still love them bunches). But finishing the book is the goal! Then get it out to editors and agents (which I've already done, but still). Rewrites are torture.

But there's a good side to this agonizing process (besides the joy of finishing), I'm learning how to write and finish a book. From first draft (boy, do I know what to avoid next time) to character development and plotting (the torture I'm going through now), etc. and a lot more.

I'm also daydreaming about my next book. After a great critique group session Friday, I created an excel spreadsheet with each scene of the current POS outlined and the key plot points listed and organized. It also includes the sequence of events that provide the suspense for solving the 'crime' and how the bad guys are revealed, and how that fuels the romance and the conflict and compassion between my two main characters - shit - see what I mean?

Too many thoughts.

The bottom line is that this morning I feel like Wonder Woman, and I'm back in control. (It should last an hour).

Here's a list of writer-related sites I've discovered this week that some of you may already know about, but here goes anyway...

Chase the Dream Contest - legit, easy and free
Scott Westerfeld Blog - scroll down and check out some good tips

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