Monday, February 15, 2010

Finally Back in DC and It's Still Snowing

Have you wondered where I've been for the past two weeks? Well, the answer is easy. Not writing or reading as much as I would have liked - mountains of snow or no snow. Actually, I can't claim first hand experience with the snow. I spent most of the past two weeks in Florida working, but also attempting to relax, which honestly I found impossible to do. I kept thinking about writing, not writing, liking and not liking what I've written and in general over thinking my book. So what does that translate into? No progress. So what do I do?

I'm reading. It inspires me. I start reading and a passage will make me think, wow, I need to be writing. I've got a half dozen books I'm thumbing through (okay, clicking through, and more like 50 because they're on my Kindle:), but there are three that keep pulling me back in:).

There's the J.R. Ward novel, Covet, which starts so smart I must finish it. Plus it's the new genre I haven't read much of - all about Angels:). Next is a novel by Joe Haldeman, "The Accidental Time Machine."

I like his crisp style, and of course, really good science fiction that's accessible - not too techie, or war-like, or machines (unless they're Terminators). But speaking of which, I'm taking an online class (likely not a smart move since I'm submitting excerpts from my manuscript, and the class is a science fiction writing class, and my book is a post-apocalyptic near-future tale with vampires and a hot romance - and a mystery to solve). The class wants science fiction. Period.

The comments I'm getting aren't that helpful. For example, they want me to add more about the technology, how the weather changed and why, and each time a comment starts with the "I don't read vampire stories" - I roll my eyes. And it's not that I don't have technology, or information about the weather - but jeez - I submitted three chapters. How much backstory can you give in three chapters without going into hyper-exposition mode? But the question is why did I take this class in the first place? I had signed up for the feature article writing class, but after a day realized it was going to require 'new brain-power' which would have completely pulled me off of my book (and yes, I need to stop whining:).

Wow! Just reread that last paragraph. I think I'm not happy with the feedback I received from the class (lol)! But if I stop whining - I should see the good. The comments have been positive about many things - the main character, the dialog, the villain and why is it I can only remember the comments that weren't so praising? Typical writer...

The other book I'm reading is The Strain, and yeah, I like the theatrical style and the tight-packaging of the action. So, hopefully in a few days, I'll be back in the saddle again - or at least in front of my computer writing, writing, writing.

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