Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rejection Ain't All That Bad

Photo taken in New Orleans, LA, 2009.

Still glowing from a recent rejection letter, which has infused me with the will and energy to write and write and write. Still, I don't want to over analyze my reaction. That is too close to my usual approach to writing - over doing it.

But back to the topic ... it was the most encouraging email I've ever received.

Nearly a year ago, I submitted my novel (or a synopsis and the first 30 pages) to an editor and an agent - via request - following the RWA National Conference in DC, which will take place this year in Orlando (at the Swan and Dolphin property) following the tragedy of the flooding in Nashville, TN, which has closed the Gaylord until fall. The first six months without hearing from the editor and agent - except for an isolated email was still damn exciting and I was enthusiastic about writing and keeping to a schedule and all sorts of good, positive things. Then the last quarter of 2009 turned into a series of crisis, financial, emotional, stressful, health, you name it and it reared its head in the later portion of last year. Since then I've been in a semi-depressed state. If not phases of full blown depression. I regained weight I lost, struggled to keep on a writing schedule and have had numerous blow ups with family and colleagues - and a few public outbursts that fall under the category of road rage (which as long as no one suffers bodily arm can be quite comforting:).

So if you think one of the two RWA 2009 connections finally got back to me? Well no. It was another publication - which will go un-named and the letter talked about how much they enjoyed my voice, and my taunt, writing style (really liked that). They weren't interested because my novel is too long, and not as erotic as they are looking for.

Folks, it's not that I want to keep getting rejection letters, but sometimes, this kind of letter teaches you something.

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