Sunday, May 16, 2010

Universal Studios, Orlando and Writing...

Photo taken by Denny S. Bryce during recent trip to Universal Studios in Orlando!

What does it take to inspire a writer who has spent weeks uninspired?

It has something to do with taking time off.

It's almost as much of a job to keep writing as it is to write. What I mean is that writing isn't just about sitting down in front of your laptop, desktop or notepad (or in my case my new iPad:) and committing to six hours or 10,000 words. There is the state of mind and the spirit that must be nurtured in order to ensure time spent writing is enjoyable (painfully so), productive and focused. Taking a break is important especially when you're beating yourself up about writing. When the story isn't coming, the words and the emotions all feel redundant or trite - walk away. Take a few days or even a few weeks off and forget about it. You will return. If writing is your heart, you'll get back to it and it will be better.

Okay, the pep talk is over. Now, I'm wondering when I finally get my near-future vampire romantic suspense story published will anyone care about vampires? The market is a little thick with them now, but my answer is yes. They will. Why? Because vampire stories have been popular for centuries.  And if it's written well, has a solid heroine readers can care about, and a hero who gives the readers chills (as well as gives the heroine chills), then the story will be worth the time spent (writing and/or reading it).  As I write and polish (it's already 320 pages) I keep reminding myself what it is I love about vampires stories. It's the danger and the inherit violence of their personalities and also the hopelessness of eternal life. It sucks on so many levels because of memories. The past influences the future. But so many times that past has to be remembered in bits and pieces. Those memories can be life-saving or life altering. Anyway, it's about living a long life - that's what gets me about vampires.

But I'm also gathering information on the next book - just a little at a time. So far I know my heroine's name and I know she's not a vampire. In fact, there may not be any vampires in the next book. Just demons, shapeshifters and angels...

FYI - RWA Nationals will be in Orlando at Swan and Dolphin. I love Orlando.

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