Thursday, July 22, 2010

On My Way to Orlando

This was taken at Universal Studios in April 2010
by Denny S. Bryce

Getting ready for Orlando has been in the forefront of my mind for a month. I've categorized it as vacation time, writing time, getting re-connected time - but I'm really just ready to be there instead of here. But I've got a son swiped my big suitcase (he's in Europe) and now I'm struggling to get two weeks worth of clothing (I'm staying an extra week at my time share) into a carry-on bag. Well, it ain't happening. So, I've got to get up tomorrow early, finish cleaning the house - really early - and buy a new suitcase!

Now that I've shared all of the fun packing nonsense, what I really need to do is finish my manuscript, nail down my pitch, and organize my brain for work, work, work. But I'm also excited about the prospect of being around so many writers. So many stars in the publishing business, so many talents yet to emerge. It just gives me energy to be around them. I wish I could capture that energy and sprinkle it around my house for the 11 months in between nationals.

Of course, I could get more involved in my local chapter WRWDC, volunteer, get into a critique group. All of which I did in 2010 now that I think about it, but there's something about RWA nationals.

So what are my goals for RWA in 2010? There's only one...finish the book. Bold statement. I paused before writing those words. But it has to happen sooner or later. Right!

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