Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blogging, Research and Writing & Shemar, Oprah and Boris

Photos snagged from the Internet by Denny S. Bryce

This blog is a summary of blogs I did not post (or write until now) during the month of September. I did, however, think about posting each and every one - a lot.

Oprah Winfrey and Me - Having to recreate this post is aggravating, but here goes. I got mad because Oprah's recent book club recommendation is Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I'm confident it's a brilliant book, and have already downloaded a sample onto my iPad so I can add it to my reading list. However, I wanted her to break the mold for a change. Recommend a romance novel, not another 'important' book by another male author, but something different. No such luck though. So I'm a little miffed.

Research or Am I Taking My Writing Seriously or What? - I did something today I've never done - actually two things - but let's stay focused, huh? I went into a gun shop and interviewed the owner and his partner about guns. Guns purchased by law enforcement in particular. I learned about bullets (full metal jacket, hollow point, silver point) and barrels, size, weight, and more about bullets. While I was there a customer offered to show me his concealed weapon (a very cute Latino man:). I looked at the owner who said it was okay, and the man raised his shirt, turned slightly, and there it was - his weapon tucked into the small of his back at his waistline in a small holster that was attached to his belt. For some reason, I just thought that was so damn sexy.

Black Men as Romantic Hero - New TV season is off to a slow start IMHO. But a new show starring the very handsome black man, shown to the left (Boris), is UnderCovers. It's the first show in recent memory that stars African Americans (or blacks) as main characters in a dramatic series that isn't a 'black show' or comedy starring a black comedian. I'm watching it now, and wishing it well, but we'll see. I'm sort of teetering, feeling similar to the way I felt watching "Hawaii Five-O" Sunday night (or was it Monday). Lots of pretty, but wishing for arcs and substance. I'm a rough critic on pilots...

Finally, it's Wednesday and that means Shemar Moore Day - and yep, also a new episode of Criminal Minds tonight. Moving pictures always better than stills when it comes to Shemar.

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