Monday, October 4, 2010

Commander Black and Commander Brown

Photos snagged from Internet by Denny S. Bryce

Twitter buddy and fellow 2010 RWA National Conference attendee, Ricki Schultz put up a challenge today on her blog  - she needed a scare:). Okay, I said, recalling a short thing I wrote a few years back for a writing class. It was so creepy - it creeped me out and I wrote it ... lol! So, I decided to share with my blog readers a well as with Ricki!

Commander Black and Commander Brown

Two giant wolves, Commander Black and Commander Brown, were standing on snow banks outside the kitchen window of their grandmother’s house. The snow had fallen for days and the garage, the steps leading to the front door and the driveway, were all buried beneath tons of it. There was no way out for two eight-year old children. And all alone, they were terrified that the beasts would find a way to get inside.

But Grandmother said Chrissie and John were the two smartest children on the planet. Brighter than anyone ever and more resourceful than any two children born.

They ran up to hug her, proud of being so smart, but she pressed her round body against the wall, holding them off with an outstretched arm. Her big belly shook with something akin to fear.

Grandmother wasn’t as strong as Chrissie and John would have liked. But the wolves were strong. Powerful haunches, closely spaced narrow eyes, slanted with hatred. Chrissie told John she could hear their thoughts, and they wanted to kill, butcher the children, and chew them up mercilessly, like two little pigs.

John wasn’t certain what mercilessly meant, but he didn’t doubt Chrissie’s warning. They’d have to kill the wolves, kill them with a thought. They’d done it before. With the rats in the barn and the spiders in the basement. They’d even advanced to larger prey.

Right then, Grandmother flew down the stairs, landing at the bottom, twisted and quiet. She hadn’t been pushed. They’d been sitting on the sofa in the living room, watching the TV flicker, when they’d stared at each other and thought up her fall.

If they could do that, they could certainly kill Commander Black and Commander Brown.

By Denny S. Bryce

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