Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fringe and Firefly Merged - In a Very Good Way

I am absolutely in love with Fringe. Yep, another TV show that has all of the elements of some of my favorites - instantly reminds me of "Farscape", but also "Altered States" (movie), "Firefly" the TV Show, and a bit of Buffy and Angel, but not so much. The characters are more deeply written...and definitely adult.

I've also found a wealth of other obsessive fans online. By the way, I wasn't a fan two weeks ago, but a friend of mine, Sierra, kept asking me if I were watching it. She said it was good. So I happened upon an episode by accident called "Marionette" - and bam! Hooked. I owned Season 1 but had never watched it, and broke it out and the next thing you know, I'm caught up and anxiously awaiting the next episode (Season 3-10).

In Marionette - I only caught the ending, and had to find it and watch the whole damn thing to know why two actors sitting in a dark, backyard played out such a deeply emotional scene, full of layers upon layers of angst without touching melodrama even once, and I didn't have to know what caused it, I saw it on their faces, heard it in their voices, and knew it from the lines written for them. Good stuff.

Anyway, the next episode airing January 21 is called "Firefly" (and by the way a Whedon is a writer on the show)...Check out this vid...

So yeah, I'm plugging a TV show. But a very good one.

Okay, now I'm back to writing...

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