Friday, February 11, 2011

Marketing for Writers: A Website and Personality

Besides working on the WIP:)...I am a marketer. I've been in the business for a few decades and for the past few years (six), I've been transitioning from full-time marketer to writer. And since I'm still unpublished, although moving in the right direction, I'm still marketing.

So I decided to start blogging about marketing for authors/writers.

Today's marketing tip is basic and very Marketing 101. We know Social Media is about building community. To create community is more about establishing a persona or brand or a consistent image for you - the writer - on the Internet. But a first step for a published or unpublished writer is research.

Let's start with websites. And don't look at mine (lol), not yet, but that's part of this journey, we're going to see my transition from a marketer to marketing my own brand.

I love research - it is the window to the world, or at least finding a rationale reason to do something, say something, or to figuring out what will work best for building/creating your brand.

First for the website is design: What appeals to you? What attracts your attention? When you visit other sites, where do you linger and why, and where do you find yourself returning to more and more often?

Below are five author sites I really like. Why? Design or layout and navigation - how easy is it to get around and Personality...what sense I get of the writer as a person, and their work.

Let's not worry about price, okay? Look for what you like. Study it for a few minutes and figure out why. Also, write down what you don't like...

More to come...on websites...

Rebecca Walker
Alison Kent
Dawn Atkins
Heidi Betts
Kathleen Gilles Seidel

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  1. FANTASTIC! I am so excited that you have started this journey and I look forward to following along every step of the way.




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