Sunday, June 26, 2011

In the Groove: 357 Days of Writing...

"In the Groove" Copyrighted image by Salvatore Principe 2006-2010

I've been working a lot lately. Not writing, but doing the JOB (marketing events, products, you name it, the profession I've been in for 25 years). Good news, however, is that the huge JOB project ended (and I might add it was a success), and now I'm thrilled to finally get back to the JOB I love more than any other - writing fiction. The problem is my head is completely caught up in the project that has controlled my brain cells for the past three months.

So what do I do to get back in the writing groove?

Rely on the kindness of other writers. Yes, that's a major part of it. This week for example, I intend to get every inch of inspiration and focus I can at the RWA Nationals. From Tuesday through Saturday, I'm all about being a writer.
But that's just one piece of the puzzle. The challenge with the RWA Nationals or even my RWA chapter's retreat is that combined they take up only eight days of my year - so how do I get better control of those other 357 days.

Of course, it centers on my personal ability to be disciplined. But another key factor is still centered on those writer friends. At the WRWDC retreat in April a group of first-time attendees pooled their efforts to create an intelligent, fun, good read of a blog that offers excellent insights on the challenges facing writers and authors dedicated to their craft. Check out the Waterworld Mermaids. There's also a lot of fun there, too.

Another group called the Preternaturals (formed at Savvy Authors) will launch a group blog this summer, but in the meantime, many of the writers in the group support each other in any number of ways, helping to get the word out about new book releases, current projects and blogs, etc.  Some of authors in the group with current releases include Louise Bacio and Vivi Dumas, and Lani Rhea's blog is very hot, too.

So, that's my Day 1 of 357 days. After writing this blog, I actually feel like I'm getting in the groove.

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