Saturday, August 27, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday & Eye Candy

Photo taken by Denny S. Bryce - Santa Monica Beach 2006

Yep, it's the night for posting Six Sentence Sunday - a few hours early. I wanted to make certain I beat IRENE to the punch - in case that punch takes out electricity here on Capitol Hill. 

Yep, I live in the heart of DC, so we will see what the storm brings. For some reason, the news is sketchy as to what we should expect. One thing though - it's been raining steady and hard since ten o'clock this morning...

Anyway, this is from my WIP about a vampire FBI agent, witches coven, and a tough-promise-to-keep urban fantasy with the working title - Gideon - it's the one I'm using for Six Sentence Sunday these days. Hope you enjoy. Also, this character is not the heroine, but she is pivotal to the major subplot.

Sara rubbed her sore jaw.

This was what she got for hanging out all night at Tryst, bullshitting with her boss and the rest of the gang.
“Fuck,” she said, and rolled carefully onto her side. Her lower back and legs ached from where the little man had knocked her to the ground. She never imagined he was dangerous or strong enough to hurt her when she first saw him in the middle of the street. That much power didn't usually come short in stature and poorly dressed.

Well, still waiting for the storm and it's almost 8:45 p.m. It's definitely moving slow, but at least I've posted my SSS for this week!  And oh yes, thank you to all of those who dropped by to comment last week. Much appreciated!


  1. Poorly dressed? lol - love it - stay safe

  2. Now I am imagining what was going on with a little poorly dressed man xD Love it xD

  3. Ouch. She seems self-confident-love it.

  4. Delicious eyecandy for sure. Hope you didn't get drenched by Irene. Am wondering about that little man who kicked her butt and am surely interested in where the vampire comes into the story.

  5. Thanks for dropping by...and looking forward to next week's SSS.

  6. you are very good at slipping into the voices of your characters :)




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