Friday, December 11, 2009

I Could Be Less Single-Minded

Yep, I Can Look Pretty Bad After a Rough Week on the Job...

Getting through another week of work was quite the feat, but now it's late on a Friday night and I'm listening to music and forcing my brain to relax. It's necessary if  I'm going to spend most of my day tomorrow working on adding my NaNoWriMo work to the manuscript.

I'm finding there are two or three topics that I'm beating to death lately - the manuscript, work, and food. I've become obsessed with it. Not so much eating, but cooking and watching TV shows about cooking. I find it so oddly soothing - especially watching the TV shows.

I'm also worried about the holidays. I know that sounds odd to admit. I'm worried about the holidays? Well, after the Thanksgiving I had, being worried about the holidays isn't a bad idea.

Some tips on two great movies - Brothers (I really loved it) and Sandra Bullock's new movie The Blind Side were fabulous.

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