Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Search Begins: Denny and the Literary Agent

This is the Darioush Winery in Napa. Yes. I was there. I drank. It was good.

The search is on. As we move into 2010, I'm on the look out for my first literary agent (and if I'm lucky, my first, last and always). With this quest, there are a lot of things that are confusing right off the bat. And I'm not a novice to the world of pitching or business or query letters. But let me say, the Internet, blogs and authors, published and unpublished, equate the dreaded query letter to bouts of shingles, killer bee attacks and a really bad blind date. So what can I do to make this process less painful for me?

Stop reading those blogs and author 'fear' columns. Okay, I know that's not being fair. The fact is there are tips, insights, and good counsel to be found in a lot of places. But what I need to do - like I need to do so often - is narrow the playing field.

So here goes. First, I'm using the masterful website (IMHO) of The Knight Agency as a resource. They have some great links, easy-to-follow tips, and just lots of information on the website about submitting manuscripts, queries, synopsis, you name it. So check it out, and visit, spend an hour or so the "Writing a Solid Query Letter".

I was going to also write about the two agents I've found so far that I want to submit to, but I should leave something for my next post. Also, I've got to decide which of my two manuscripts I'll pitch...vampire tale one, or vampire tale two...

In the meantime, found a great blog post by this agent - and don't go sending her a bunch of queries - she may end up on my list:)!

Yeah - that's right. I'm just claiming agents as I go. Mine, mine, mine...

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  1. Denny, I'm with you on the search and I'm sending you all the good vibes I can. Please keep us updated on your success. I can't wait to read your book and the one after that!




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