Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Boomer Hotness: What it Takes to Rock an Old Girl's World:)

It's 'dream-man' Wednesday, and I'm going to throw some baby-boomer hotness at you. Also, I have updates and more insights on the tantalizing topics explored in my last two blog posts. But first, let's talk older men, quirky, stubborn, brilliant, confident, heroes, and perhaps the perfect antagonist. Stage left is Tim Roth, actor, director, star of  "Lie to Me", TV series on Fox. And you can bet I wouldn't throw him out of the boudoir.

At RWA Nationals last month, I attended one of the smartest, most informative workshops ever – “Boomers in Love” (Career). It focused on writing romances for an older generation of American women. Authors Laura Castoro, Marcia King-Gamble and Sandra Kitt provided statistics, make-sense descriptions of what an older woman wants, what an older hero's characteristics will need to be to attract that woman, etc. If you’re interested about the older heroine, check out their audio at RWA Nationals (if you’re a member:), or their books:)! NOTE: Older means over 35 to me...but I am interested in the 50 plus woman wants to read in romance, too.

I’ve been thinking about this topic not only because I fit in the category of baby boomer, but in a intriguing twist of the paranormal in which my current WIP takes place, my heroine is a baby boomer, kind of:) She’s a vampire. But I’m attracted to all ages of mankind – legal – I decided to take a moment to explore why the “Cal Lightman”, the character Tim Roth portrays rocks my socks. The top five reasons are:

1)      Brilliant, confident and shamelessly arrogant about what he knows he does best (Think J.D. Robb's ‘Roarke’ in the Eve Dallas ‘Death’ series).
2)        He loves his daughter. She is his weakness (See edittorrent post which explores the question of whether or not a romantic hero’s weakness can ONLY be his heroine-real intense discussion - actually it was a multi-post debate - just go to the blog and look around:).
3)        He respects his x-lovers. They are still his friends, colleagues, etc. The man has to be good inside.
4)         Flawed. Massively, wonderfully, flawed, and not sure he will succeed in fixing this issue. Vulnerability that he doesn’t perceive as a weakness.
5)         Patient. He will fall in love before the woman he loves knows/realizes/accepts that she loves him. He will then wait for her to get on the same page.

Just a little food for thought.

Now, a quick revisit of the last post (see below or click here). Alicia Rasley, author of “The Power of Point of View" and a new book, "The Richest Girls in Town" from bellebooks, slated to debut in early 2011, pointed me to Suzanne Brockmann, an author who has written many books NYC Best-Selling Books with a variety of heroes including African American heroes and heroines (main characters, stars of the sub-plot, you name it). I’m adding her to my ‘must-read’ list. (I told you I didn't know everything:)...

That’s it for today. I’ve got to rest up, write and pack – heading to Las Vegas tomorrow and will be posting from there. Attending something called the Hoodie Awards!


  1. I was just watching "Lie to Me" last night, DVR'd. :-) I love Cal Lightman.

    During that episode I watched, which was the one where Foster's boyfriend gets kidnapped and Cal has to convince this drug dealer that he's in love with her (which might not really have been an act), I kept thinking... how can Foster not just be in love with him?

    But then his daughter said something really revealing at the end of the episode, which is what I think of when I watch House, as well, and these other very flawed and often jaded heroes.

    She said, "You never trust anyone, do you dad?" Then, while casually eating a french fry, she pronounced, "And that's why you'll always be alone." There was this great tight shot of his face responding to that, and I thought, "It sucks to hear the truth, doesn't it, Cal?" Because as much as I adore him, I don't think I could ever be with him. He can't trust anyone. Pathologically.

    Still, he is SO hot. :-)

    Great post, Denny.

  2. Thanks for dropping by...:)

    The daughter is a beautiful device of storytelling for the show. Wait until you watch the next episode. I bet you're going to enjoy it even more.

    And yes, Cal's mistrust - which leads to jealousy - will keep him in deep do with his lady loves. But I adore him, and Foster...she's a wonderful actress.





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