Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blue Eyes, Dark Skin: The Pretty Comes in All Shades

Photos of Jesse Williams, Grey's Anatomy, snatched from the web by Denny S. Bryce

This is supposed to be my let's talk about the pretty Thursday, originally slated for OMG Wednesday. But it's succumbed to a disjointed discussion (with myself) on the romantic hero. What? You ask. Here it is. How can we (writers of romance) make certain that more men of color fit into the shoes of the classic romantic hero...(okay, my goal, maybe not yours:)...

With that, can you help me please? Has there been a black male (or man of color) as a main character in popular romance fiction that you can point me to that was a cross over hit? I mean where tons of readers bought the book?

When it comes to romance, film, television and fiction, it is the white man who is the romantic hero that makes all woman-kind swoon (and I'm good with that. I'm an equal opportunity appreciator of the pretty). I came to this conclusion after decades (forget I wrote that word) of sitting in front of a television and going to movies and reading romance novels. 

(Sidebar - the man here - is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. He also is now officially a regular on Season 7 of Grey's Anatomy, which had me with the first flash of those baby blues above his mask in the O.R. And in Season 7, let me just admit – he owns my soul).

I would love to write a good story that appealed to a large percentage of readers, regardless of race, etc. (which of course has already been written by such talented authors as L.A. Banks - the vampire huntress legend series - and more) but alas I'm not as well read in this regard as I should be. But remember I am blogging, which means I can make statements as if they were fact (and thoroughly researched).

Now what was I writing about?

See pics of Jesse Williams:). I also wanted to briefly address the nature of blogging and its pitfalls (done, but somewhat light in structure and format). 

Anyway, a good romance is a good romance.

On my bookshelf? Reading Covet by JR Ward. Is it a romance? I’ll let you know when I finish.

Tip for today…

Check out Editorrent’s blog – Theresa and Alicia are having a Throw Down – it’s the great debate on writing the romantic hero…

FYI...Jesse has a major role in a new Joss Whedon film written by Joss and Drew Goddard...Found accidentally - and am getting a little light-headed...


  1. I will take 2 of him with a Shamar Moore chaser please. lol.

    You are not the only one who would love to see a Black man as a romantic hero that everyone could love, especially in the paranormal genre. *g*

    One day it'll happen. Maybe it'll be one of our books. Here's to positive thinking.

  2. I'm right there with you! The more writers who are thinking about this the sooner we'll see it in romance novels, print, film, TV, cable, you name it.

    But you and I have already claimed the title of trailblazers:)! Okay? Right!

    Thank you for reading and commenting.

  3. Suz Brockmann had a big seller with an African American hero.

    I wish I could think of the title?

  4. Thank you Alicia. I will update my blog, and share Ms. Brockman's books with my followers (yes, I have a few:). The book btw is part of her Navy Seals series. I found a great interview with her on this topic.

  5. I too am an equal opportunity appreciator of pretty, lol :) As an aside, I recently read 31 Candles, a great read (in the Chick-lit, romantic genre, where I usually don't read but the book looked good and it was) whose main characters are pretty much all African American. You may want to check it out :)

  6. Take that back, it was 32 Candles, which caught my eye because I'm going to be 32 this year.




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