Sunday, August 7, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Redeux (Is That Allowed?)

Snagged from the Internet by Denny S. Bryce

I'm greedy today, and want to post two for Six Sentence Sunday - I missed last Sunday, but think I can get away with a twofer because (well, who's gonna stop me...hehehe:) and they are from two different WIPs...

The first is my futuristic urban fantasy set in a world where vampires have a caste system, and humans are either rich or live in Tunnel City (beneath the streets of DC) here goes:

Casey plastered a smile on her face, grabbed her coat and hat from the back of the chair, and strapped on her weapons belt. “I look forward to continuing my work as one of the SAV’s dedicated public servants.”

“There is no need for acronyms or sarcasm, young lady," Dr. V shot back. "As the Council of Ancient Vampires’ chief psychiatrist, I will monitor your activities for as long as I see fit and when I am convinced you have recovered completely, we will discuss your contract.”

Casey's fangs dug holes into her lower lip, but she manged to bow and say, “Yes, ma’am.” Then she headed for the door with a clear realization she had to accept.  If her eternal life were to remain in tact obedience to the Council was her only option.

The second is from my Fast Draft WIP...not doing as many words a day as I had hoped, but still hanging in there, and enjoying the process...

Now for those who know me, don't be surprised, this is a contemporary WIP, and I'm in love with the hero, but he's not in these six sentences...

“Hold on one moment,” Max said, rising to her feet. “We have delivered on every aspect of an outstanding program, designed and implemented to attract the audience we both agreed were your prime customers. The campaign has already produced overwhelming results with more than one thousand new bank accounts opened in the South Side branch alone. New investors joined your community outreach team with an initial infusion of capital that reached over one million dollars...and you’re telling us we were fired in a letter?” Max pushed her tongue against the inside of her cheek to keep from unleashing designer profanities that would make her grandmother get out of her coffin and scream. (Is this 7 sentences, damn:)...


  1. I love the six sentences from both WIPs - but it took me a while to get to them because I was REALLY distracted by the picture. Damn!

  2. I know he is a pretty thing, and also exactly what Jake may look like...




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