Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's Thursday Treat: Aspiring Author Taryn Light

Books covers by author Vince Flynn, a favorite of writer Taryn Light, and snagged from the Internet by Denny S. Bryce

It’s a pleasure to have a ‘new’ author joining me today on Thursday’s Treat. Taryn Light (Find her on Twitter and Facebook) is a member of the Peternaturals, a group of paranormal authors who joined a forum on the Savvy Authors website, and banded together as a support group, critiquing, advise sharing, challenges, you name it. 

Taryn is a newbie, not so much to writing, but to the world of online marketing, social media, and the like, but she has some great information to share about her experiences and what motivates her as a writer. 

Q)  Let's get to the facts right up front. What's your full name, website, your latest release, the WIP that is keeping you up at night, your agent, your editor, how long have you been writing…your successes? Yes, I want the mini bio right here, right now!

Taryn said:  Denny thanks so much for having me. This is a real boost for my writer’s ego and we all need  that, especially if you haven’t had the joy of being published. I don’t have a website but just set up my twitter and Facebook account. This is all so new to me, I’m behind a little behind on the other aspects of being a writer.

My name is Taryn Light but everyone calls me T. My husband gave me the nickname when we first met and I tease him about not being able to remember my name or how to pronounce it. By the way, you pronounce it like Karen but instead of the K you use a T.

I have been writing since I was 16, but when my boys came along my writing went by the wayside. Now I’m retired and have nothing to stand in the way but me and my finicky muse. I love romance and the supernatural/paranormal. I also like a good thriller. Right now, I’m working on a romance with some magic thrown in.

Q) What's the best kept secret about your writing process?

Taryn said: I couldn’t do it without my outline. I keep it flexible, but it keeps me going in the right  direction. I also love my music. It helps me experience what my characters need to feel.

Q) What character/theme have you written or are writing about that keeps you up at night - just one, please:)?

Taryn said: The heroine in my current WIP, Kate keeps me awake because she is so multilayered. She is 50, divorced and her kids are grown up with their own families. She’s trying to figure out just where she is in life, no longer a young woman but not ready for the nursing home. Her personality and attitude need an adjustment. She’s also the victim of the family curse.

Q) What recording artist/television or pop culture fictional character has had the greatest influence on your writing style and why?

Taryn said: I really had to think long and hard about this one. Wonder Woman is the first tough lead female I remember. She was smart and tough, just the way I like my heroines. My son also told me recently she kicked Superman’s backside and he’s the toughest superhero around. How can you not love this gal?

Q) What book/author is the current "hot read" on your bookshelf?

Taryn said:  I read everything, so in my romance category it’s Nora Roberts. In the thriller category I love Vince Flynn and his hero Mitch Rapp.

Q) What's your favorite drink on a cool September evening - and who (fictional or not, friend or family, celebrity or historic figure) would be sitting at your side enjoying that drink with you?

Taryn said:  I love good vodka kept in the freezer until you’re ready to drink it. Pour it over ice straight with ice and lots of olives. It may cool you down some…but after two you really don’t care if you’re hot. I’d love to share one with one of my favorite singers, Kenny Chesney.

Q)  Who's your favorite author, poet, lyricist and what would you ask them if you had the chance (or when you had the chance)?

Taryn said: Kenny Chesney of course. I identify with his songs. It’s like he see’s what’s going on in my life. Other times he just touches my heart and brings out feelings I need to help me write. I would love to know how he does it.

Q) Last question…what question have you been dying to answer but no one has ever asked?

Taryn said:  Working with the public for twenty years and being a mom and nana, I think I’ve been asked about everything under the sun. There is one question that no one has asked me since childhood. Who is your hero? They change as you go through life.  I would say my two sons are my heroes. They are both ex military and in their 30s going back to school for degrees while dealing with family life and work. They are awesome.

Thanks again for having me Denny. I look forward to my next visit with you to talk about my new book just published!!!!

Thank you Taryn. It was great having you.

Now visitors, share some of your lessons about your early days writing and marketing yourself as an author. What was the biggest change in your approach to writing after you sold your first story? And please when you drop by say hi to Taryn!


  1. Hi Taryn, Great to know you :) I love to write paranormals too..and spicier the romance, better ;) :p But I read almost anything I get my hands on, as long as there's a guaranteed HEA / HFN.

    Denny :) You do ask some tough questions there ;) LOL!

    Fab interview, ladies !

  2. Taryn,

    So wonderful to get to know more about you! I've wanted to like chilled vodka, but I just can't do it ... still get that shiver-shocker!

    Best of all on your writing.




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