Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday and Denny's Eye Candy: Week 8

Photo of Theo Theodoridis snagged from the Internet by Denny S. Bryce

It's Six Sentence Sunday (SSS), and I'm still posting sentences from my paranormal romance about a vampire struggling to keep a promise to a witch. It's a WIP called 'Gideon' and this is Gideon's POV from somewhere in the middle of the book...
Magic had helped him control his urges for fifty years. But the hinges of the box were loosening. At the crime scene the night before, a female officer guarding the tapeline outside a dead woman’s house had smelled like food. As he walked by, his fangs inched out of their prison. He wanted to bury his teeth in her breast and feel her warm blood thick in the back of his throat. He barely made it out of the house without ripping her apart.
Thanks for stopping by and reading. Please comment if you have a moment, it's very much appreciated. But also - click here and check out the other SSS participants. It's a great way to meet new authors and read some great SSS.  


  1. Very nice 6, Denny! He's a walking Pandora's Box of barely contained trouble. :)

  2. whew....extraordinary description! well done.

  3. a lot of self control - loving this

  4. ooohhh...I love his dark thoughts and your descriptions. Nice six...and if that picture posted beside your six in anyway looks like your character...YUM :)

  5. Christine - he would make the perfect Gideon...down to the length of his hair. Next week I'll post his face:)...(or Google, he's a model:)...

  6. Ooh, intriguing! And thanks for the eye candy!

  7. Good Job Denny! I liked it and it made me want to read more. Definately out purpose for SSS. Whoohooo!

  8. Wow. Totally effing hot and erotic. Course, the visual was just as delicious. ;-)

  9. Another great six this week :) I am enjoying getting glimpses of this story, though it is mean of you to tease by jumping around within the book ;)

    ...just to let you know, I had to read the third sentence a couple of times. It just felt a little awkward :)




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