Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday and Denny's Eye Candy: Week 12

Photo of Croatian Model Denis Nikolic snagged from Internet by Denny S. Bryce

Good Sunday morning. Here is my Six Sentence Sunday for today. Still the WIP about the vampire who is struggling to keep a promise to a witch.
The crystal stemware hanging from the rack in the mahogany cabinet sparkled in the candlelight. Gideon reached up and touched a long stemmed flute perfect for sipping cold champagne. “Turned into a vampire at twenty-eight,” he muttered. 
On nights like these, the cold, white snow falling against the black sky and the roar of Lake Michigan outside his windows, reminded him of being alive. Bathing in the sunlight, enjoying the taste of meat and buttered bread, savoring the aroma of a good cabernet, he missed those uniquely human things and more than ever, he missed the warmth of a woman’s body in his bed, a woman like Georgia Cole. 
He chuckled ruefully, caught off guard by how quickly she had worked her way into his thoughts.
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  1. Excellent description as always. And I do believe that many vamps miss their human side.

  2. Lovely decription. Feel for him. Love the touch about the buttered bread. Makes his yearning for even the little things come alive.

  3. Wonderful attention to detail. A very engrossing little scene, well done!

  4. I love reading about vampires and what they miss about being human. :-)

  5. His melancholy bleeds through every word. Well done!

  6. Some great inner thoughts! Nice six

  7. I really like this snippet a lot. I was drawn in and felt like I was watching a real person, uh, vampire.

  8. I really like the way you've worked in bits of his backstory here, like tiny fleeting snippets, which feels very real.




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