Sunday, January 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday & Denny's Eye Candy - Week 22

OTP OTP OTP - From Leverage - Parker and Hardison - photo snagged from Tumblr.

It's Six Sentence Sunday. My six is from my WIP, The Vampire Lust Club. Here are a few lines from a scene where the heroine is in conflict with the vampire hierarchy.

If the old vampire didn’t shut her mouth Casey was going to rip a chunk of flesh out of her ass. Screw the Council’s laws on killing rogue vampires. Was she supposed to just wait for the rabid beasts to wipe out every soul in Washington, D.C? 
“I know what you want me to do.” Casey scooted to the edge of the sofa and looked Dr. Vapula dead in the eye. “I won't do it.” 
Don't forget to visit Six Sentence Sunday and check out the other contributions! Happy Sunday.


  1. hierarchies are always a problem be they vampire or devil

  2. I agree with Sue. I love vampire culture, such as hierarchies. And I love this character's attitude. Her tone is right up my alley. Loved it, Denny!

  3. Lotsa tension and conflict (and a little dark humor). Sounds like it's shaping up to be quite a tale!

  4. Love the humor laced through the tension. Well done!

  5. Oh dear, the hassle of workplaces... even if you work with vampires. Maybe especially if you work with vampires. The old ones would have been around a really long time...

    ... and you've set up quite a bit of conflict in six sentences. Lots of fun, per usual!




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