Sunday, March 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday & Denny's Eye Candy - Week 31

BBC's Being Human's vampire "Hal" portrayed by Damien Molony -- Series 4 is absolutely brilliant. I loved Mitchell, but this vampire is intensity personified (plus he's cute:).

My Six Sentence Sunday contribution is from my urban fantasy, Gideon. In this snippet, Gideon is having trouble on a helicopter trip from Chicago to Wisconsin.
Gideon clutched his chest. His ribcage felt as if it had collapsed into his lungs. He squeezed his eyes shut and counted backward from one hundred. He was falling, and his mind couldn’t catch up to his fear. Calm down, the crash won't kill you. Just maim and disfigure him for the rest of eternity.
Hope you enjoyed. Don't forget to go and visit the other Six Sentence Sunday posts, and happy Daylight Saving Time:)...


  1. Great momentum in this! Well done. :)

    And as a side note, I miss Mitchell. :(

    1. I miss him, but I find Hal's story line so differently dark and intriguing, and he is a pretty thing, again different from Mitchell, but intently the same:)...

  2. Cheer up, Gideon. Wisconsin isn't THAT bad. LOL That's a good six.

    1. never know what's going to curl Gideon's toes, I tell you:)...Thanks for dropping by.




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