Sunday, September 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday and Denny's Eye Candy: Week 7

Photo of Gillis Martini snagged from the Internet by Denny S. Bryce.

Six Sentence Sunday comes around so fast. But that's okay. I've got my sentences all ready and waiting to share. I'm keeping with the WIP I've been using for the past four weeks. The working title is "Gideon" and it's about a vampire FBI agent who makes a promise to a witch he struggles to keep. This is a bit from the heroine, her name is Georgia.

It happened fast, like they say it does. She and Darla walked the few feet from the cab to the bank’s front door and the security guard, an elderly man with gray skin reeking of his last cigarette, greeted them and unlocked the gate. As he opened the door something shoved her into the hallway and she dropped to her knees. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Darla, in pretty much the same condition, sprawled and scrambling across the floor. Then she heard the guard's screams, a shrill, high-pitched yelp that hurt her ears. When the noise suddenly stopped, Georgia realized the guard had been screaming since he opened the door.


  1. as I say, I love your writing. Wonder why he's screaming. And I love the name Gideon :D

  2. this sounds fascinating....want more!

  3. Wow. You grabbed me for sure. Love the description of the guard: gray skin, reeking from last cigarette. Good writing.

  4. Very intriguing! Makes me want more! Great six! Well done!

  5. Great way to grab our attention. Well done!

  6. Great writing-tense and descriptions were very clear. And I love the eye candy, too. ;-)

  7. Wow! You've really caught my attention with this! I ope you'll continue next week :)




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